ABOUT THE TEAM: The team aims at developing the scientific and technical abilities for the realization of quantum networks, with applications to the distribution and processing of quantum information. These works include the development of light-matter interfaces for quantum data storage, the generation, characterization and manipulation of various non-classical states of light, and the implementation of networking protocols using these resources. Three experiments are ongoing.

Combining the discrete- and the continuous-variable toolboxes leads to an optical hybrid approach for quantum information that enables novel schemes for advanced quantum state engineering and processing capabilities. The experiments involve non-classical light sources based on parametric oscillators, photon-number detections and homodyning. Read more›

Interfacing guided light with atoms enables long interaction length, large optical depth and non-linear interactions at low power level. Cold atoms are combined here with subwavelength nanofiber for the realization of integrated single-photon sources and quantum memories, and the exploration of effects related
to one-dimensional lattices. Read more›

Controlling the interaction between large atomic ensembles based on cold atomic gases and single photons provides an efficient platform for quantum data storage and entanglement generation. A recent focus concerns the interaction of structured light with large and multiplexed ensembles, realizing multimode quantum memories. Read more ›